They’re hated
Because they’re not straight
But lesbian or gay
They’re looked at differently
In so many ways
To be hated this way
What a disgrace
It’s Painful
To actually think
People are so Disdainful
Being hateful Is wasteful
They shouldn’t have to
Fight for every human’s right
Love is equal
Love is fair
It should be accepted and respected
In every human’s heart
They stand tall
Not just because their brave
But because they know
What love is
In so many ways
Because love shouldn’t be about
How they look
Or the parts they have
It should be about
How they treat each other
And make each other feel
Because that is what love is

Mollie, Kilkenny Primary School

Inspired by the exhibition ‘Daring to be different’ at the Migration Museum of South Australia

Marriage Equality rally, Adelaide. Photo by Jenny Scott.