Because of her we can

Bring it together, elders, women, children
Enter the world of culture and spirit
Can we? Of course we can, we are kindred!
Ablaze creation, welcome it all
Upon our souls, we shall never fall
Shells, beads, weave it together
Exceed we will- never surrender!

On mountains, in creeks, we weave our life
Feathers on string, beads together, never in strife

Haunted sites, great traditions, add it all
Endeavor together, hardships and troubles
Rights and write, it can be a struggle

We are the Murramarang – we are one!
Extend yourself – open your heart, your eyes, your mind to everyone

Chased a dream, here we are!
And we can make, create, as good as any man
NAIDOC week, let us rejoice! Because of her we can.

Matilda, Kilkenny Primary School

Murramarang women’s cloak