Eleven Thousand

Eleven Thousand; that’s how many fought, just for the Parliament to give women some thought

Eleven Thousand for our equality, no rights in democracy that’s absolute frivolity

But Eleven Thousand eventually made a difference, after decades of activism and ages of non-recognition, they signed a petition and gave it to the politicians who made the decision to finally stop the madness and listen, listen and respect the Eleven Thousand’s request

And in 1894, unfairness was no more. Those Eleven Thousand made South Australia what it is today, the first state in Australia to allow women to vote, one of the first in the world to board the boat

Those Eleven Thousand, you should be proud of being so very loud and speaking out

We are proud of those Eleven Thousand and so they should be too because, Eleven Thousand, if it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t know what to do

Eleven Thousand, thank you.

Charlotte, Kilkenny Primary School

South Australian women's suffrage petition
South Australian women’s suffrage petition, Centre of Democracy