P.K Gum

Enjoyed as a staple since 1848,
The irresistible flavor,
The minty freshness tops what you just ate,
Shared between friends as a favour.

It hides things under its smell. so sweet,
Masks the smell of a cigarette,
The addiction you were meant to defeat,
But sadly can’t help with a future of debt.

Offers a helping hand on your first date,
Perfect breath and confidence, before the big kiss.
Unfortunately not a mind-reader to find a soulmate,
But it does carry weight- fitting in with the gang is bliss.

At the end of my life which is short but sweet,
I am stuck under a table or replaced in a beat,
It’s a hard life being a piece of gum.

Grace K, year 9

Wrigley's PK Gum, Parndana Museum, Kangaroo Island
Wrigley’s PK Gum, Parndana Soldier Settlement Museum, Kangaroo Island

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