The Wool Press

24/03/1960 was the day I arrived at a sheep station,
Who would have thought one family could be so happy to see me,
The workday arrived and I knew I was not on vacation,
The shearers and presser knew by smoko, I was the key,
From 7:30 am to 5:30 pm I was busy pressing the fleeces,
Pressing, pinning, releasing, the Presser kept on his toes,
Over time my body grew tired and started falling to pieces,
Sadly I knew deep down my work-life was coming to a close,
A bigger and better press took my place, I wasn’t wanted anymore,
Alone, in the darkness of night, I sat in the corner rusting away,
Watching the days go by as I had become something to ignore,
Now I am resting here in a museum on display,
I meet different people each day who are fascinated by me,
I do like my life, working was fun, but now I feel free.

Amahli W

Wool press, Parndana Museum, Kangaroo Island
Wool press, Parndana Soldier Settlement Museum, Kangaroo Island

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