All That I Have

Woman and blossom tree – Capt. Frank Hurley, 1935. Courtesy of History Trust of South Australia

A memory of a time long gone, in which I stood by my beloved blossom tree.
I would run around the field where Majesty no longer stands.
I would climb her and imagine I was on a mighty ship, bound on a voyage.
Those days I treasure,
The ‘happy days’, I call them now, before it began.

Before the running, before the hiding,
Before the fear that will now forever live inside me.
Before I would leave my home, my family, my country for safety,
Before the only person I would have was me,
Before I would experience the worst place on earth.
Before I would escape, against all odds,
Before HE would destroy my world.

Those days are all I have now,
The smiles I used to wear,
Back when I used to live,
As now I just … exist.
I know that life will never be like that again,
I will never again know true happiness.

I still cling to those memories,
All that I have.

~Lauren, Year 7