Going down Under

Stepping beyond England, into the unknown.
Far from the familiar horizon.
Headlines scream from rain sodden papers.
‘Migrants for Australia’ glowed, challenging the dark skies.
Books I read about Australia danced through my mind.
Boxes of memories bulged addressed to Australia.
It was time to go down under.

Stepping beyond England, into the unknown.
Clouds like heavy blankets concealed home, until it was no more.
One foot gripped the thirsty land of Australia.
Hand stretched towards a soft blue sky.
Midnight chimed, hiking to the only phone in the caravan park.
Mum’s tears dash through the phone line.
Guilt seeped through my veins.
Had I stolen the girls from their grandparents?
I knew I was where I belonged.

Stepping beyond England, into the unknown.
Angles took guardians beyond reach.
My bike stands proud ready to be ridden, whilst in England it was hidden.
Community grounds me.
On bonfire nights I am in England.
In the central market I am home.
Ears long for the sound of the accents of home.
Voices I only hear on the phone.
Australia is now home.

~Sydney, Year 8, St Aloysius College

English Banner, 2001 Migration Museum