Our Night’s Sky

The hush of the night Closes the door to the day,
a forest once hustling with life
stopped still and came up for air.
The forest looked up and saw
stars scattered like dust
a beautiful dust, magic.

The glistening stars in a cobalt sky
flickered like Morse code
the forest understood this code
the robin understood this code
but we ignored this code.

Slowly the leaves faded
slowly the robin couldn’t fly
and slowly they were gone.
And in their last breath
they cried out for our help,
our help to save their friends.

We had every opportunity
but life ‘got in the way’
and the stars who watched over us
the protectors of the night
looked down in disbelief
at our selfish human race.

~Sasha, Year 7, Seymour College

Night sky, artist unknown