Was it all About to Change?

Howling wind through my ears, frozen fingers,
and cold droplets trickling down my neck
Long exhausting school days made bearable by the promise of
big lumps of snow with non-stop free falling
Taking breaks to devour the small juicy red fruits
Our cheeky chuckling was always heard
One united tribe that never left each other’s side
Then it all turned…
Unhealthy battles, turned everyone scared
Aftermath left us in need, mother developed a joint disease,
financially we were lost
Was it all about to change?

Stepping on that boat
emotions rushed through my body
I was stuck here for 6 long weeks
Anxiety attacked as no land was in reach
School continued,
I captured my first vision of a magical flying fish
Mother brought my prized possessions to keep me calm
Was it all about to change?
Battles hadn’t stopped
Our journey was changed
travelling through thin waterways
I was trapped in 4 narrow walls,
squeezed in with my family
Were we going to make it out?

The sighs were heard, loud cheers erupted
We had made it to Victoria, Australia
I jumped off the boat in a hurry
Sweat poured down my face, like I was in a shower
The ground was hard and had cracks running everywhere
Foreign languages were like puzzles missing a piece
Would I pick this up?
Visiting places with calming noises, relaxing views
felt like once in a lifetime experiences
I had finally found my new mother country
I hope this never changes

~Isabelle, Year 8, St Aloysius College

Dutch banner, 1993 Migration Museum