I Love My Home

I love my home,
The first breath of fresh air as I walk out the door for school,
the children flooding the halls with laughter now,
the streets are flooded by the enemy.

I love my home,
the taste of mothers butchteln warms my mouth
it crumbles over me just like my city.

I love my home,
the feeling of family,
the feeling of love, of freedom, of safety.
Now, it’s getting darker and harder to breathe. 

I love my home,
my birthdays filled with surprises balloons popping now,
those balloons are threats plummeting from the sky.
My mutti and baba bought me a German train this year
they try to protect me but I know this is a gift from the enemy. 

I love my home,
where I used to be free now,
I am trapped the Jewish are being killed,
we are like hosts to the German parasites. 

I love my home,
but now I have to leave,
bringing nothing but my train,
a harsh reminder of the enemy.

~Lucy, Year 9, Saint Dominic’s Priory College

Toy Train, c. 1930s  Migration Museum
Toy Train, c. 1930s Migration Museum