Take off is familiar yet unknown,
Knowing what you have left behind,
But uncertain of what you are heading into,
Like a cub leaving home
Have you forgotten anything? Will you forget your gibberish?
Flying with my husband made it feel right, That I made the correct decision,
No turning back now, I could see the land,

My new life was at my fingertips.
People all around me,
Like the sea, howling and whistling on a windy day,
Going on with their busy lives, Greeting people they know from far away,
Their voices roaring through my head, Speaking all types of their gibberish,
How will I catch up and start to fit in?
A year of patience lead me to success, In understanding their gibberish,
Yet my dreams are still in my gibberish.

All my study in my gibberish was as useless as wet gunpowder,
I had to redo everything, To make sure it was understood by others and their gibberish, Studying was hard,
There were slammed doors that thundered through the house, And pages torn from notebooks, containing worthless notes in my gibberish,
Leaving me back to the start, But I finished and went onto the next step,
I had many jobs, and many rejections,
And the place where I am now, Is wonderful

~Milla, Year 8, Saint Aloysius College

Italian banner, 1986  Migration Museum
Italian banner, 1986 Migration Museum