her new home

Fifteen years old waiting for a better life
Not knowing if it was ever going to happen
Dreading the day her dad came home saying its time
Making every minute count with friends and family
But there she was packing her only suit case
As a tear rolling down her face.
Squashing the thing in her suitcase she so desperately needs
Getting ready to leave it all behind
Imaging the hot wind in her face
While kangaroos hop by in the desert sun
Not wanting to leave all her friends and her family

As she steps up on the large boat
As she slowly sail far from her home
It all seem like it was going to be okay.
6 weeks of fun.
Game and activities
As two girls run through the boat
Wondering if this is going to end
Wondering if they will stay friends.

As she hops off the boat it’s not what she expected
Busy cars drive past as she watches the palm trees wave at her
Wanting to stay in contact with friends back home
But she slowly loses touch
Staying in a hostel with new faces wanting the same things
As Adelaide showed her new things everyday
This then became her new home

~Abbey, Year 8, St Aloysius collage

English Banner, 2001 Migration Museum