In Search of a New Life

“Hayat, come and see for yourself!”

1952, 23 years young, craving a new sun.

Adventure bubbling inside of me, I was ready to begin.

The thought of leaving my parents at home ruffled me, but didn’t stop me.

My Maid was home too, but I knew I would be greeted once again.

My family followed by my side,

Australia’s doors opened wide,

welcoming us, showing me its fresh landscapes, inspiring my young mind,

Australia’s inner beauty jumped out to me,

flooded with golden light everywhere I looked.

But we found Sydney a gloomy hollow place, Melbourne uncomfortable and sticky,

The baby came before our final resting place, “Whaa Whaa”, “ya Habibi”, “Alhamdulillah!”

Finally Adelaide a perfect charming state.

“The long gentle arms of this country, pulling us in”,

I still remember the day we established our new place, our new home.

Australia is revitalizing, like a fresh water lagoon,

inviting you to dive deeper into its nature.

“I remember time felt slow,

every second lasted eternity.”

“Our family and our love for our new country grew.

Another son, another daughter, our family seemed complete!”

Now 2020, 91 years of age, 68 years later.

My small family is now 66,

Thank you my friends from Australia, who called me here,

A dream in 1952 became a wonderful reality.

~Sara, Year 8, St Aloysius College

Lebanese Banner, 1986 Migration Museum