The Other Side

I can’t help feeling trapped,
My future packed away with all my treasure, destined for another land,
My heart torn between two worlds.
One is an X marked on a map, but I’ve already got my treasure.
Looking out at the valley and mountains before me,
My heart filled with Bliss, I think about what I will miss,
On the other side.

Gazing up at the cloudless blue sky, A Silent moment of farewell,
I knew it was right but my heart found it tough,
A bond so strong it could bring me worlds apart,
It was familiar but was it a home?, It felt like a one way ticket to the land of unknown,
Took one step aboard, But was my home one step away,
trying to untie the knot in my chest,
The precious, baby reached her arm up at me, I’m doing this for her,
My thoughts pushed away,
Aboard that flight that cloudless day, Ready for my life,
On the other side.

Worries sealed away like a box wrapped in twine,
Waiting until the time to be opened again,
Australia opened its heart and felt like a home,
It Brought comfort and welcome Its all my children have known,
Although I would love to go back, But I can’t break that chain,
I’ve made a new life here, I’ve accepted that change, Though I still dream of home,
As I look upon the starry night sky, I can’t help thinking what it would be like,
On the other side,

~Emily, Year 8, St Aloysius College

Irish banner, 1995 Migration Museum