We’re delighted to announce Manal Younus as our 2021 Poetry Takeover Ambassador. Manal is a poet and storyteller whose writing and performances have been enjoyed by audiences across South Australia, the nation and the world.

A few words from Manal
A few words from Manal

History is what brought us here. History is what we are creating every day. But how often do we really engage with history? With where we are. The beautiful and the horrible elements of our past. The objects that symbolise a different age, a different page, the many stages of who we’ve been?

It’s our time to talk back to history. To respond in our own words to the walls of the museums. To be inspired and inspire how the future views the past through the eyes of our present.

What better way than through poetry.

History Trust of South Australia invites all South Australian school students to enter a piece of poetry responding to elements in the museum, or to the museum itself into the Poetry Takeover at the annual History Festival.

You’ll have the opportunity to attend one of my workshops to get the creative ideas flowing. Entries will close at the end of May and the winner will be announced in June.

Seek knowledge and tell stories.
(Author photo by Edel Garipov)