The Museum of Magic

A thief in the museum one day with a Grandma’s purse, managed to release an ancient curse.
He ran into a vase of gold which held magic from days of old.
Nothing changed that day, until midnight but if you were there, you’d get a fright!
The shards of vase started to glow and sparkles danced, they put on a show.
Smoke all violet flowed through the air and woke up the taxidermy bear!
He growled and snarled, causing strife as he brought the mummy, Renpit to life!
Because of the dust, she started to cough and stretched out her fingers, until they fell off.
After putting them on, she clapped her hands and two long-haired cats had come to her stand.
They led, by her side, purring deep and low to a room filled with icicles and glittering snow. T’was a cabin with lanterns and equipment to explore then Sir Douglas winks at Renpit and its blushing galore!
She then strides up the stairs, but she stops. ‘What’s that sound?’, the Kula canoe comes floating down!
The Islander tribes are telling their tales of days out at sea and monsters with scales.
As she slides down the rail her old bandage rips.
The giant squid says “Hello!” and Renpit’s cats lick their lips.
They walk past a room about Aboriginal dreaming, With a huge rainbow serpent and a campfire steaming.
Renpit insists they go to ‘DOGS’ exhibition, skeleton Puppies make chasing cats their mission!
Next, it’s on to the gemstone section, where Renpit chooses crystals for Cleopatra’s collection.
Onto the next section where Nathan rests, “I shall wag my tail, if you request?” but Renpit waits for more than an hour and eventually leaves, her emotion turned sour.
With sunrise coming nearer, she gets ready for bed as her cats rest their bones, she lays down her wise head.
The curator enters, what a sight meets their eye! “Gosh blimey!”, he says, “What a pigsty!”
“The stairs are all wet and the vase on the ground, but the strange part is that there is no one around!”.
“No one’s been here since closing- I think?”, then he stops as he squeals, “Did I see that squid WINK?”

Dahlia, year 5, Littlehampton Primary

Mummy and coffin of Renpit-Nefert (‘Beautiful-Year’), South Australian Museum