Ode to Women ❤︎

Take a stand,
Together with us,
See it first-hand,
Let’s make a fuss.
Women should be counted,
Not just ignored,
We are important,
We should have input on the law.

Write a petition,
Spread the message,
Achieve our mission
Stop our stressing.
It took 11,000 signatures,
Just to make a dent.
But the big house of ministers,
In the end, were a Godsent.

But even then, this shouldn’t be happening,
Women’s rights aren’t a privilege.
The fact that this is true is saddening,
Because men’s rights are a given.
We have a voice,
We deserve to be heard.
We shouldn’t just rejoice,
Because one women’s rights issue was cured.

Saskia, Year 8

Women’s Liberation badge, Centre of Democracy. (State Library of South Australia, PRG 1491/24/2/3)