Like a single note in a symphony,
Like a small fish in a large sea,
One blow could end us all,
One wave could submerge me
And everyone into the deep depths.

Then it happened, a wave,
Emerging from the deep,
While we were all asleep,
a bullet,

The deeper you go the colder it feels,
Colder than ice and darker than midnight,
One day I wonder why,
We didn’t just die,
Why God spared us all,

But I am here now, healthy and happy,
With my friends and my family,
With one gift of all,
That gift we choose to possess,
G r a t i t u d e.

~ Martia, year 8, Glenunga International High School

Shipwright’s sea chest owned by Pamir mariner, Alan Rogerson | HT 2018.1296 | South Australian Maritime Museum