Nostalgia Penang

I take pride in my land, where I grew up.
The tropical and warm accommodation hugs me tightly.

Everywhere you look, there are rolling hills and palm trees,
swaying under the burning sun, crops reaching up to it.
Haze, and horizon, fading away.

From a bustling town to a small part of the island,
Isolated from the centre of town.
This is Penang, where I grew up.
From hawker shops and busy streets, to fresh and even rows of sunflowers.

A sun-lit pasture field,
A sun-baked land with cracks,
Men with wide brimmed hats.

Back then, seed was sown by hand,
Hard work and sweat on the land, harvesting the best for Penang.
Today, we use tractors, instead of ploughing with horses.

Penang has now altered with the times,
From ancient to modern to a mix,
It has grown with the times.

I miss the old memories, warped now with time,
As I leave somewhere far away.

One day, I said goodbye to my land, where I grew up.
Maybe, maybe someday, someone else could experience it.
But whatever happens,
I still feel the warmth of Penang in my heart, for in who I am now, Penang played the best part.

~ Hanna, year 8, Glenunga International High School

Carlos Alberto Leyva Berit├ín, Country landscape – Cuba, 2013