The Royal Adelaide Show

Walking amongst the stalls,
I see trees dancing in the wind.
I see culture being shown through the paintings, my interest not thinned.
“Hey!” “Ha ha!” I hear people laugh,
I feel as though my eyes aren’t seeing enough.
The breeze brushing my back, I feel a nice chill.
The rides and the stalls, oh, they are such a thrill.
I wonder and ponder, what this show was like,
perhaps a couple years ago? Back when there were only bikes?
I close my eyes, and I see people in suits.
People neatly dressed, with their tied up boots.
What was the world like? With pictures in black and white?
Or perhaps it was colourful and pretty and very very bright?
I am enveloped by thoughts and theories, but which of them were true?
Oh, if only I could go back in time, maybe back to 1972.

~ Flavia, year 8, Glenunga International High School

Royal Adelaide Show Wayville, State Government Photographer, 1925, History Trust of South Australia