As Seasons Change

Green grass turns to brown,
Long drive into town.
In summer, the water source is low,
At night fireflies glow.
The sound of horses shoes clacking,
Also, the sound of whip-cracking.
The tip of the mountain top,
You can see the kangaroos hop.
The bushy eucalyptus trees
Wave with the cool breeze.
The loud singing of the birds,
People rounding the sheep herds.

Winter is now here,
Skies are no longer clear.
Big, dark clouds form;
Ready for a winter storm?

People miss the warmth of the sun,
So they cook a hot cross bun.
Animals roll in the mud,
As the dams start to flood.
Some animals hibernate,
Temperatures drop at a higher rate.
The trees are long and bare,
Do you feel winter in the air?

~ Isabella, year 6, Mercedes College

A break away, Tom Roberts, 1891, oil on canvas, Art Gallery of South Australia