Category - Years 4-6 2020

Poems entered by students in years 4-6 for 2020 Poetry Takeover

Years 4-6 2020

A Car’s Life

My engine is roaring as loud as a lion,Doors banging shut,Wheels going ‘squeak’,The steering...

Years 4-6 2020

Vroom Vroom!

Big, shiny, bright carFast as lightningShiny, chrome engineDown the trackRumble RumbleDrifting...

Years 4-6 2020

A cool car

Broom! Broom!Lights flashingTyres with rimsBroken head lightsRound, old steering wheelFast but...

Years 4-6 2020


FastBlack and whiteReally comfyVery oldCrazy coolFancyCool motor bikeLoudVrooooooom! ~Declan, Year...

Years 4-6 2020

The Station

Old stationLots of noisesTrainsTramsPeopleAnimalsRailway stationEnormous like a volcanoWOW! ~Kiana...

Years 4-6 2020


MarkGoalThe crowd goes wild!Flashing lightsPolesUmpiresFood standsWow!!Gasp!!Train hardPass and...