Category - Years 7-8 2020

Poems entered by students in years 7-8 for 2020 Poetry Takeover

Years 7-8 2020

Speedy Harry

Harry Hinton speeds across the streetsHarry Hinton sits in his bike seat Harry Hinton loves his...

Years 7-8 2020

Land Cruiser

Dirt spinning in the airLand cruisers on the dirt roadtired from the big day. ~Hugh, Year 7...

Years 7-8 2020


The girls pounce up and downthrowing and catching.As they run aroundAttacking and defending.While...

Years 7-8 2020

Sorry Oliver

Silly, smiley you bring light to my dayOscar you are my one and only as playRight to left, we swing...

Years 7-8 2020

Holden Monaro

An Aussie IconHolden Monaro passed FordRumbling loud and proud ~William, Year 7 1970 Holden Monaro...