Category - Years 7-8 2020

Poems entered by students in years 7-8 for 2020 Poetry Takeover

Years 7-8 2020

The trophy

Phillip Island, in VictoriaAustralia’s best trackTrophy on the lineOnly one winnerNot a...

Years 7-8 2020

Starry night

Shadows fall across the hills,Covering the light.The swirly, curly milky way,Stretches across the...

Years 7-8 2020


The wind blows softly As Possums climb up the trees And look down fondly– Tristan, Kilkenny...

Years 7-8 2020

Eleven Thousand

Eleven Thousand; that’s how many fought, just for the Parliament to give women some thought Eleven...

Years 7-8 2020

The Immigrants

Immigrants, about to step into a place which will be different, With endless possibilities and much...