To help you with your Poetry Takeover project we have collected a range of helpful tools and resources including links to object and image collections from South Australian museums and galleries, along with videos and tutorials to get your creative juices flowing.

Get Started with Resource Packs for Museums & Schools

Finding Objects

History Trust Collections

HTSA at Google Arts & Culture
SAMM at Google Arts & Culture
NMM at Google Arts & Culture
MM at Google Arts & Culture
HTSA Digital Collections
COD Digital Collections
Queering the Museum Online

Other Collections

Downloadable Resources

Poetry Prompts PowerPoint
Poetry Writing Worksheet
Reflection Cards

Questions can help
If you need a hand figuring out what to say, click and drag to browse our reflection cards.

Download and print your own set of reflection cards here.

Poetry Takeover Poster

Thinking about objects

Use the wheel below to help you explore the past through objects and images and see beyond the surface: wonder about them and be inspired to let your mind wander to the places, people and stories connected to them. (Click to enlarge image.)

Image courtesy Flinders University Museum of Art (FUMA). Click to enlarge.

Other Resources

Getting Started With Poetry – Years 4-6
Poetry Introduction by Andie Worsley
Poet Kenn Nesbitt’s Poetry4Kids website
Intro to Poetry by Super Teacher Girl
Infographic-Elements used to build a poem
Tools for building a great poem (click to enlarge)

Poetry Tools – Years 7-10
How to write a poem – Tips for beginners
red square with white text that says red room poetry
Collections at Red Room Poetry
Object-inspired poetry from Red Room Poetry
Quick tips for crafting your poem
What makes a great poem (click to enlarge)
Spoken word piece by performance poet Manal Younus (via

Read a selection of poetry by Maxine Beneba at The Saturday Paper