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2021 Years 7-9

The Bucket

As the water drips down the handle slowly making its way onto the floor.Its story falls behind it. From the sailors ship it comes from,Sweeping all the decksUsed by manyAround the globe. Past down from familiesLost in...

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2021 Years 4-6

The Bridge

Crowded with people and carsI’m the most popular bridge by farShips go under me and cars go through meI reach out to 1,149 m in lengthAs people walk past in amazementThey have seen me so many times I’ve changedI’m never...

2021 Years 4-6


StarfishSmooth, stiffEats almost anything2,000 different starfish typesSea star. ~ S Toogood, year 6, Mercedes College Starfish – Class Asteroidea, South Australian Museum

2021 Years 4-6


Jellyfish glides through the water, deep underwaterGracefully moves up and down,Up and downStretching up and squishing downBeautiful purple, with coral endsAlmost see-through,Swimming here and thereMoves slowly through the...