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Years 9-11


I do look quite the gentleman, standing tall before the mirror,with hair combed stiff and shining, brand-new cufflinks. It is only a shame that at this ageno perfect physiognomy nor well-trimmed clothingcan actually be beauty,but...

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Years 7-8

In Search of a New Life

“Hayat, come and see for yourself!” 1952, 23 years young, craving a new sun. Adventure bubbling inside of me, I was ready to begin. The thought of leaving my parents at home ruffled me, but didn’t stop me. My Maid was home too...

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Years 4-6

Not There

Mother and I were standing at the station,Waiting for father to return from the war.I was as excited as a baby bird waiting for its mother.The train came into view,I ran up and down the platform,Searching for him,Desperate.He...

Years 4-6


The mountains flow like a colourful river,The pebbles scatter in the long dry grass,The trees are magic with a green like glimmer, This beautiful land used to be ours,How could you, how could you they used to scream,When they...

Years 4-6


Competition more difficult year by yearRacing against your personal bestButterflies in your tummyNervousAnxious and excitedCrowd clapping and cheeringWaterSplish splashThey swim as fast as racing carsConfident, comfortable, calm...