Get creative and submit a poem inspired by a museum object or artwork and the theme ‘REIMAGINE’.

How to enter

  1. Choose an object or artwork that you love! It could be a work that makes you feel something or maybe you’re excited by the colour, texture, form, or content of the work. Pick anything that draws you to it. Start here with our Resources Page.
  2. Develop a poem inspired by the object and relating to the theme ‘reimagine’. Think about the different kinds of poetry: it could be a haiku, a limerick, free verse (no rules!), spoken word/slam, a sonnet, anything!
  3. Submit your poem and object image from 9 March through 10 May 2022 on our Submissions Page which will go live on 9 March.

Who can participate?

Poetry Takeover is open to anyone in South Australia in school years 4-10. Immediate family members of History Trust employees and volunteers may participate by submitting poems but are ineligible to participate in the competition.

What to submit

  • Your poem: written (up to 25 lines) or recorded audio/video (up to 3 minutes).
  • An image of your chosen object. Ensure you acknowledge the source of your object image. If you include music in audio/video entries, please ensure it is copyright-free.

Poetry Takeover rules

  • Entries are your own work.
  • One entry per person.
  • Entries open on Wednesday 9 March and close 5 pm Tuesday 10 May 2022.
  • Entries must be inspired by objects held by any museum or gallery in South Australia.
  • Be respectful. Poems are not to contain any swear words or any content that is discriminatory toward a particular group of people (e.g. content that is racist, homophobic or sexist).
  • Entries are to be submitted through the Poetry Takeover website. Email entries will not be accepted.
  • Poems will be displayed on the Poetry Takeover website/Facebook page so please submit a final version.


  • Two prizes will be awarded per category: years 4-6, years 7-8 and years 9-10.
  • Prizes will be awarded in each category.
  • We will also have prizes for People’s Choice awards. These will be voted on by site visitors once all entries have been received.
  • Entries will be displayed in the Poetry Takeover online gallery and shared on social media.

Mark your calendar for our start date:
9 March 2022!