2021 Years 4-6

The Bridge

Crowded with people and carsI’m the most popular bridge by farShips go under me and cars go through...

2021 Years 4-6


StarfishSmooth, stiffEats almost anything2,000 different starfish typesSea star. ~ S Toogood, year...

2021 Years 7-9

The Bucket

As the water drips down the handle slowly making its way onto the floor.Its story falls behind it...

2021 Years 4-6


Jellyfish glides through the water, deep underwaterGracefully moves up and down,Up and...

2021 Years 7-9

My Rusty Ship

The sculpture lays on the desk,Tattered, musty, and dry.My colleagues call it grotesque,But I...

2021 Years 4-6


The F111-AADVARK RAAF fighter/bomber transforms its wings into different positions depending on the...

2021 Years 4-6

Glory Days

Oh, I used to wave,all throughout the air, shiningnow, I lay silent ~ Alex K, year 6, Stradbroke...

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