Years 9-11


I do look quite the gentleman, standing tall before the mirror,with hair combed stiff and shining...

Years 7-8


Take off is familiar yet unknown,Knowing what you have left behind,But uncertain of what you are...

Years 7-8

her new home

Fifteen years old waiting for a better life Not knowing if it was ever going to happen Dreading the...

Years 7-8

The Other Side

I can’t help feeling trapped,My future packed away with all my treasure, destined for another...

Years 9-11

I Love My Home

I love my home,The first breath of fresh air as I walk out the door for school, the children...

Years 9-11

Gladys Sym Choon

‘White Australia’ they sayThose are the ones who throw the stonesShattering my pride...

Years 4-6

Not There

Mother and I were standing at the station,Waiting for father to return from the war.I was as...

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